Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Assalamualaikum semua..
a simple sharing for today..
its just another special days n may not be a public holiday but nevertheless it is celebrated in keeping with the international trends..
so jangan nanti adik2 yg baca entri ni pandai2 je cuti 11 Sept sebab nak celebrates Grandparent's Day..

YEAR 2011
World Religion Day (3rd Sunday in Jan) 16 Jan
Valentines Day
14 Feb
Women's Day
8 Mac
Doctor's Day
30 Mac
April Fool's Day
1 Apr
Earth Day
22 Apr
Secretaries Day
27 Apr
Mothers Day
8 May
Malaysian Air Force Day 01 Jun
Race Unity Day (2nd Sunday in Jun) 12 Jun
Fathers Day (3rd Sunday of Jun)
19 Jun
Friendship Day (1st Sunday of Aug)
07 Aug
Grandparent's Day
11 Sept
Malaysian Armed Forces Day 16 Sep
International Day of Peace 21 Sep
World Teachers Day 5 Oct
Bosses Day
17 Oct
United Nations Day 24 Oct
Mother-in Law's Day (4th Sunday of Oct)
23 Oct
31 Oct
All Soul's Day
2 Nov
Universal Children's Day 20 Nov
Thanksgiving Day
22 Nov
UN Human Rights Day 10 Dec

mother-in law's day pun ade jugakk..

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